Antique Homemade Marble Run with Large Catching Platform (for All Sorts of Things)

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I love a marble run, and this is really a a lovely and lovingly crafted old homemade one. What I especially love is the large marble catching tray the ramp feeds into, which to me is an invitation to create a whole set up into which those rolling marbles spill! A nice spot for some little wooden folk art houses, say, or one might construct a whole obstacle course!  Or, one could set an old marbles jumping game board there and use the marble run as a diversion while playing. A great gift for a child, too--guaranteed to amuse for hours! (Video included.)

11 1/4” x 14 1/8 x 11 1/8”. Terrific old dry pine patina, old fat nails, very sturdy, with some chipped old clay marbles I've had sitting around included (and I think the tray filled with a hundred or so more of them would make for a very beautiful display as well!)