SOLD Antique Hinged Wooden Box Filled with Small Wooden Parquetry Tiles

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A terrific old handmade box with brass hinges to begin with, and then all the better filled with a nice large lot of small, dyed wooden parquetry tiles with which one might spend hours and hours constructing geometric patterns and sprawling designs on the table. I love the soft colors of the tiles, which have quite a but of age to them, and the mix of diamonds and triangles allowing for all sorts of possibilities. I especially love the graphite detailing on one yellow parallelogram! To me this just feels like a gift of joy.

Box: 5 1/8" d x 4 13/16" w x 3" t. Diamond shapes tiles measure 1 1/4" tip to tip. All in very good condition. Hinges on box are in excellent shape and lid closes perfectly flush but the latch on the box does not clasp tight on the front nail.