Antique Hex Type Crayon Star by Pennsylvania Folk Artist Wayne B. Blouch (#6)

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Another hex type star from a portfolio of antique drawings by Pennsylvania folk/outsider artist Wayne B. Blouch of Lancaster, PA--I had four of these previously, all wonderfully distinct, and just got two more in. These were owned by art professor & art historian Jill McKeever Furst, who taught at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, PA for over 10 years, which may be when she acquired them. There is not much out there about Blouch except a few sales of work at auction (Garth's; Pook & Pook). This drawing I believe dates to the very early 20th c.

Executed in crayon and pencil on lined paper, the drawing resembles a hex sign, a form of Pennsylvania Dutch folk art related to fraktur.  8" x 8". Very good condition, with the color nice and bright. One tiny knick in the the paper along the right edge, very minor.