Three Drawer Hanging Chest in Original Green Paint with Hand-carved Pulls

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I purchased this one from a dealer in New Hampshire who always has great stuff---with this fantastic old green paint there was no way I could leave it behind. In the most delicious green paint, original to it and wonderfully crusty. The hand-carved black painted pulls on the three drawers are really quite delicious too, each its own, just the right amount of irregular and the perfect punctuation.  All very sturdy and sound, with the drawers pulling out easily and closing flush, one if them with a middle divider separating it in two. I'd hang it in the kitchen or bathroom or somewhere I'd see it all the time--useful for spices, or bandaids, or small treasures of many sorts.

10 3/4” t x 5 7/8” w x 3” d and in very good antique condition. Late 19th c. I'd think.