Antique Hand-painted White Wooden Horse, Presumed SA. Smith

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I believe this wonderful horse was most likely made by S.A. Smith of Guildford, VT (founded 1872) and that it once stood on a wheeled platform, perhaps with a companion, and likely pulled a cart behind it. It is definitely an old one, which I for one am glad now stands alone--and as if on short stilts! Fabulous old creamy white paint, black horsehair for the tail, red oil-type cloth adhered around the neck, and black painted details including those fabulous eyes. What were once I believe cloth ears are long gone (a bit of remnant under the nails), I don't think detracting a bit. Fabulous.

10 5/8” t x 10” l on the square x 2” d. Wear as evident but sturdy and sound and stands tall on its own.