Antique Hand-painted Porcelain Bottle-Shaped Candlesnuffer with Monkey!

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This little curiosity is one of my favorite finds ever--and a pretty rare and precious one from what I have found! Bell-shaped porcelain candle snuffers like this were made by a few different English and German producers in the 19th century, most commonly hand-painted with decorative patterns, but some in the form of figures as well. However I have found no other like this one, shaped like a bottle (champagne I think!) broken at the neck, from which the head and arms of a young monkey are emerging! So good!

Everything about it says Meissen (near Dresden, Germany, est. 1710) to me: famous for its porcelain figurines, Meissen produced a number of series of monkeys (most famously playing musical instruments) that very closely resemble this one, as well as a series of candle snuffers of a similar form to this, notable for the painted tips of their handles, just as with this one. It is unmarked, so I can't be completely sure, but definitely is is very finely done.

The front of the "bell" is painted in blue to resemble the label of a bottle, over which and down to the bottom runs a hairline crack, I believe incurred very long ago (see detail photos, though the best detail also shows a stray bit of fiber to the left of the crack--not a flaw!) Structurally it seems very stable and is otherwise is in very good condition, with a bit of minor staining the the the white porcelain here and there.  It measures 3 1/8" tall, with an opening of 1 3/8" diameter.