Polka Dotted Antique Hanging Jumping Jack Pull Toy Clown

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I have only found one other old jointed pull toy clown out there that matches this one precisely in structure and silhouette, though it was painted in a striped outfit, not nearly as great as these polka dots! Late 19th or very early 20th century, and I would guess German, though I am not certain on that. It's definitely a rare one and I think wonderful from tip to toes, with a mischievous grin, pink painted finger nails, terrific ruffles at the knees, and impish little shoes! And it still works great--pull down on the loop between his legs and the arms and knees raise high! 

Easy to hang on the wall from the string at top. Structurally super sound and in great shape overall, with wear and aging to the paint as there should be and a few stains here and there. 14 3/4" top to bottom, 12 1/4" across with arms out, 3/4" deep.