Antique 31 Inch Hand-painted CALICO Sign

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I'd guess this wonderful old sign was hung inside or outside a general store or similar advertising calico fabrics, but of course I also like the image of a litter of calico kittens it brings to mind! Most of all, though, I like the hand-painted black letters themselves--the skinny second "C" in contrast to the fatter first one, the bold, decisive "A" and "I", and especially the kick at the end of that great "L"! All set against creamy white on a rough and knotty solid wood plank. Great word, great sign, long and thin, nice and old.

30 7/8" long x 4 13/16" x 7/8" and in great antique condition. There are holes in the top corners plus two at the center that could be used for hanging, or easy to add a hook to the back; it is long but not very heavy.