Hand-Embroidery on Linen Antique Textile Wall-Hanging

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This very finely hand-embroidered textile is an example of counted thread embroidery, on linen, with handanger strips (the white cutwork). I am not certain of its origin--the palette and design feels rather Scandinavian, but it bears a strong resemblance to many antique Turkish embroidered textiles I have found. Definitely it is antique, I am guessing mid 19th century, and absolutely it was made with great skill.  Truly a wonderful thing to live with, embodying painstaking labor, care and attention to fine detail.

The piece has been sewn onto metal dowels for hanging--exposed at the top (giving it a sort of medieval quality) and enclosed at the bottom. The top bar could be replaced if desired by carefully opening the seam on the backside.

The textile itself measures 15.5"x19.25". The dowel at the top measures 24" x 1.75". It is in good condition, with one pen mark on the textile detailed in one of the photos and some wear to the dowel.