Antique Hand-carved Folk Art Wooden "Claw Over Egg" Pipe Bowl on Custom Stand

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Love at first sight with this one, found at an antiques show in New Hampshire last weekend, which I grabbed right away in a manner very much like the way this talon grabs its bowl!  There are antique meerschaum pipes out there formally similar to this one, but this one's special--carved by hand of wood, with polychrome giving the black to the claw. Very striking, and much smoked, too, with a terrific patina to the bowl. And a stand made just for it too, which will allow for it to be displayed bowl up (intended) but claw over top as well. Wonderfully graphic and really fabulous I think.

Pipe bowl measures 3 3/4" l.  5 1/8" tall displayed on stand. Very good condition.