Antique Hand-carved Double Ball in Cage Rattle Whimsey - 15 Inch

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When I look at this charming old whimsey rattle, I keep thinking it looks rather like a baseball bat, which lends another dimension to the little balls in their cages! Carved of pine I believe from one piece of wood, it came from the family estate of seller in Randolph County, North Carolina, where it had been created and resided since the very early 1900s or so.  At just shy of 15 inches long, its a pretty fun rattle to wave around, and also large enough to make a nice sculptural object for the wall, maybe horizontally but sitting on a couple of nails. Really sweet. 

Good condition and nicely aged, with some small nicks here and there and a few hairline splits just to the surface; structurally sound and ready to rattle! 14 7/8" long x 3/4" wide and deep.