Antique Turned and Carved Dip Pen with Hand-Shaped End and Nib

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This lovely old dip pen, Victorian era I believe, certainly makes me want to set a bottle of ink on my desk and start writing letters. At one end is a carved hand, held in a fist, with a ruffled cuff just below it, and at the other a wonderful fist-shaped nib to match, with pointed tip as the second finger. In between are a couple of decoratively carved cages, which make for a nice grip. Even if never used, certainly a sweet piece to add to a collection, but how much better to pen a few poems with this!

Excellent condition, and the nib comes off easily. At one end of the carved closed fist appears to be a small inlaid bit of something, not matched on the other side. 8 7/8" long with nib; 6 1/8" without; 3/8" d.