Make Do Alphabet Blocks: Antique German Paper Litho Blocks with Gorgeous Black Inked Letters

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These made me so happy to find, and make me so glad to look at. They are antique German paper litho covered puzzle blocks, clearly once part of a larger set, which, though well worn, appear to depict animals in various habitats. But, sometime long ago, someone beautifully inked/watercolored large black letters onto one side of each, turning them into alphabet blocks! I find those letters absolutely gorgeous (looking as if modeled on a Hills alphabet block set) and of course always love a make do sort of intervention. And based on the manner of that lettering, that intervention seems surely to have been done 100+ years ago. To me, really beautiful and super special feeling.

Each block 2" x 2" x 2". Set of 13. I believe the blocks date to the late 19th c. and the lettering to about then as well. Overall good condition, with plenty of wear to the paper litho, which is much of what makes them great.