Antique German Erzgebirge Village (Plus Two Little Ladies)

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I'll never get over the charm of these old German "Erzgebirge" wooden villages, specifically the antique hand-painted ones, the more age and wear to the paint the better. (And I know I'm not alone, as these are harder and harder to find.) I believe this group might span a bit in age--if not all 19th century, though, I'm sure none are later than very early 20th century, and all are gorgeous. Double-sided except for the two, which are shown in photos as solid color on reverse. I especially love the ones with little carved chimneys, and of course the church with steeple.

Smallest house about 1" tall; yellow house 1 5/8" t x 2" w; church 3 1/16" t with steeple. Each of the two ladies has lost an arm, but all of the houses are in very good condition, and stand up straight and balanced on their own.