Antique Frontier Scene (?) Watercolor in Period Gilded Frame

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I'm not entirely certain what is going on in this evocative little watercolor, but I really really love it, with its big dark sky enveloping what looks like a western frontier structure to me, and cowboy-looking figures standing next to what I assume is a fire. Considered together with the deer watercolor surely by the same artist, which I just listed, my guess might be that these were done as first hand sketches out west, late 19th century or so, though I am not completely certain.

The backside of the frame on the deer watercolor (image included for reference) showed that it was framed by Foster Brothers on Boylston St, Boston, founded in 1893 by brothers Stephen Bartlett Foster and John Roy Foster, and renowned for making unique carved and gilded frames, especially in the Arts and Crafts style. The bold choice of gold mat in combination with gilded frame here thus feels quite right and specific, and I've come to really love the effect.

Framed: 11" x 9 5/8". Sight" 5" x 3 1/2". Painting is in excellent condition. There are some scattered minor losses to the surface of the frame, to my eye not detracting at all.