Antique French Oil on Wood Folk Art Painting of Church and Strolling Figures

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The back of this painting notes the subject as Eglise de Maisons Lafitte, which indeed is a church, better known as Eglise Saint-Nicola, still standing in Maisons-Lafitte, not far outside Paris. However, it seems that the church, completed in 1878, has had some additions and subtractions since, including losing the patterned roof and blue steeple that contribute to making this painting so striking. (There's an image of an old postcard in photos that captures an earlyish 20th c. incarnation; I believe the painting depicts it shortly after completion, c. 1880s. I'm completely smitten it, worm holes and all; it just jumps off the wall, full of visual punch and sense of place and aura, too. With several shadowy little figures wandering around the place, making it feel moody and a bit desolate too, in just the right way. It appears to be signed along the right edge of painting, midway up.

8 3/4" x 5 3/8", oil on wood panel. Obviously, there are tiny scattered holes from woodworm, evidencing age, and some loss as result to upper left corner. I know from the previous seller that the painting was recently non-invasively treated to prevent any further damage. There is additionally one small scrape to the surface of the painting toward the bottom of the tree to the right of the foreground figure.