Antique French Kid Leather Doll Body, Some Damage

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When I first saw one of these antique French leather doll bodies--to which a bisque head and arms would be attached--I thought it was am extraordinarily constructed, incredibly evocative thing, and still do! This one has lived quite a life, and shows it--with (fantastic looking I think) old patches at both hips, and an untended tear at the one jointed knee, via which its sawdust stuffing is visible, and shedding when one moves her. (There is also a tear to one side of one hip patch where her stuffing is visible too.) Still, what an amazing looking thing, sewn together of buttery soft white leather, with the original hand-written sale sticker still on her chest, which I felt compelled to rescue in hopes someone might love as is or give a little attention to extend her long life a little longer.

18 1/2" tall x 4 /2 wide with arms down, 3" deep. She requires pretty delicate handling, and/or would benefit from some loving mending/patching in the two spots described above and detailed in photos.