Antique Folk Art Wall Box with Framed Portraits of Handsome Jockeys

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Quite a lot of love invested in this one, fashioned it appears to me from a mix of cigar box wood and pine. Inside each of the five frames is a cut and pasted face, clearly Victorian era, and all of them looking to be handsome young men, all of them horse jockeys I believe! The only one that shows loss is at center front--to me begging to be filled now with the handsome young man of one's choice! At the top of the box is a small pocket, large enough for some loose matches stood on end, and then the larger pocket below could hold a a stash of match boxes or match books. Nice patina and nice iron nails holding it all together.

8" t x 5 1/8" w x 2 1/8" d. Very good overall condition, stable and sound, though I would not put a lot of weight in the pockets. Late-ish 19th c.