Antique Folk Art Powder Horn with Carved Heart, Diamonds, Merman, and Birds

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Not easy to capture in photos, and takes close looking in person to fully appreciate its attributes, but I love this thing. It's a 19th century folk art decorated powder horn, used for storing and carrying gun powder (end plug clearly long gone.) With a raised heart and a pair of diamonds carved into narrow end, and a merman/mermaid of sorts etched into the surface just below, with the corners of diamonds doubling as horns, making the creature look like the devil! A handful of flying duck/geese etched lower on the horn, too. A bit of loss to the horn around the open end, and the etching is fairly subtle, but a wonderful, singular thing.

Approx 6" l measured on the square; 9 3/8" l measured on the curve. Opening is 2" x 2 3/4". A little loss to the horn around the opening as noted and documented. It will not stand on its own.