Antique Folk Art Painting on Cardboard of Boy's "First Attempt" at Shaving

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Perhaps my favorite thing about this little painting is the young boy's reflection in the mirror of his bureau, rendered very lightly and facing us directly. Our subject hardly looks old enough to be shaving, but what a dramatic moment to capture, as he stares wide eyed (those blue blue eyes!) at his bleeding cheek, soaped brush and straight razor in hand.  In fact, I think this little painting is pretty poignant in its portrayal of a adolescent rite of passage--a mix of excitement, pride, and horror--and really quite a tender thing.

Watercolor on cardboard cut into a round, with a pink ribbon tied through a hole at top. Light, scattered water stains on the surface, pretty minor, and a 3/8" tight tear at the bottom center. 6 1/2" in diameter.