Antique Folk Art Carved Man in Coffin Box

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Surely this box once had a lid, which kept this little man locked tight inside. One sometimes sees figures like this with large phalluses attached, which spring up when the lid of the box is opened. There is a tiny hole on the rear of this one that suggests that could well have been the case; if so, someone disarmed him at some point long ago and seems to have given him pants to boot! I love him just as he is, with carved details giving him quite a stern looking face and carved marks on his sides suggesting ribs popping out. The pants themselves are too large for him and have deteriorated quite a lot so I might strip him once again, though I really love that they exist.

Box measures 3 3/4" l x 1 1/4" w x 1 1/16" t. Figure is 3" long. Figure himself and existing box are in very good shape.