Antique Engraved Brass Shoe Silhouette Mantel Ornament

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From what I understand, brass shoe and boot silhouettes of this ilk were a Victorian era thing in Great Britain, often given as wedding gifts to be placed on the mantle and meant to bring good luck. This one, with a terrific untouched patina to the brass, struck me as an especially lovely one, and features a moveable piece at front, perhaps to be raised when good luck was especially needed??!! With pin prick engraving along the top edge and toe, and a welded on post on the back to make it stand. It seems like quite an old one to me, mid 19th c. I would guess. 

6 3/8” t x 3 1/4” t x 2 3/4” d and in very good condition. Flap is tightly held but moves easily. The metal is stamped on the back with a mark but I cannot read it.