Antique Double-Faced Molded Cardboard Puppet Head (?)

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I've searched a bit but can't find the likeness of this guy--or these guys, rather --both quite the characters! I would guess made as a puppet head, but, made of what I believe is molded cardboard, it has a bit of an old candy container feel, and perhaps the long neck held a stopper.  Whatever the case, too fun to pass up, and with a bit of a scare-crow (or scare-little-kids!) aspect too! I do have a notion it might be quite a collectible one. 

10 1/2" tall. Head itself from top to gold band measures approx 6 1/2" t x 5" widest. Loss to the end of the neck as evident, and a little separation where taped together at the top, but it does appear that the tape is original to it. I photographed it with a small barrel shaped box inside the base to make it stand--all sorts of things could be used to do the same.