Antique Danish Oversized Pearlware Mug with Gold "Landmanden Leve" (Life of the Farmer)

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I'm not always so strategic in considering what will photograph well, or not, and fear the huge charm and presence of this large antique mug with gold lettering will not fully come across--but if not I'll be glad to keep this one for myself. The gold lettering, which looks hand-painted to me, reads "landmanden leve," which I know is Danish, with "landmanden" meaning farmer, and "leve" translating to live/life--and so I think the gist is "the life of the farmer"--which to me would make this large mug appropriate for filling with milk as well as ale! It's also very nice  how much the "leve" looks like "love," which make it seem all the more like the perfect gift for one farmer to give another! The bright "pearl" or "china" white glaze adds to its feeling  specialness and age; really, this feels more fit for king than farmer, though I tend to regard small farmers as kings and queens! 

4 5/8" t x 4 3/4" in diameter; 5 7/8" across at handle. Pretty good overall condition, no repairs or major chips or cracks, though plenty tiny chips and staining around the lip and base and some staining to the interior as well. C. 1840s or so I would guess.