Antique "Dancing Doll" Carved Wood Folk Art Articulated Figure

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I have become super enamored of this type of old carved wood folk articulated or jointed figures, referred to as "dancing dolls,""jig dolls," and "limberjacks," but have found it pretty rare to come across one for sale. This one I found at a multi-dealer shop in Concord, NH, where he had just that day been put on display. I think his face is wonderful, with the black painted outlines around the carved eyes and large triangular nose, and then that top hat! I believe he once had hands, now missing, and there is a nail that has been replaced on the joint of one knee, but everything else seems to be in place. Based on others I have seen, I would guess he dates from the late 19th or early 20th century.

Attached to his back is his original wire and wood handle, which is what one would hold to make him dance. He is held by the hips and suspended in air by a newer stand terminating in a metal base--it would just take a little loosening of the wire around his hip in order to take him down safely. Overall, this piece is in very good condition and structurally very sound; there is a little wear to the wood around the hips where he is held, as documented in photos. He measures 9 1/8" tall; 13 5/8" tall with stand.