Antique Crandall's District School Set (Without Bases, But Fabulous)

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I first saw a set of these a year of so ago at New Hampshire Antiques Week and have had an eye out ever since. The set, titled "District School" was created by Charles M. Crandall, a 19th-century toy maker and inventor who worked in Pennsylvania and New York. Originally housed in a wooden box with paper label, the complete set  included slatted bases that functioned as stands for the figures, both standing and seated. Those are missing from this one, but it looks otherwise pretty close to complete, including three books that will (sort of) slat into the hands of the figures—though of course a number of them are missing a hand, or two!I think they’re quite wonderful looking and love the classroom dramas and dynamics one can imagine and enact with them! New bases could fairly easily be made, or they’ll stand/sit if propped against something.  Late 19th c. I believe.

The stern school master has lost his legs (!) so is not included in first photo, but he is in the set, along with his desk. Losses to hands and toes here and there as documented. Dunce measures 9" tall; blue boy at desk is 4 3/4" tall.