Antique Copper Sulky Driver from Old Weathervane

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Certainly this old guy once sat on a sulky behind a horse as part of a fine antique weathervane, I'd guess early 20th century. The rest of it may live on somewhere else, and I'd guess he once had arms, too, though there is really no sign of welding along his shoulders, so perhaps he was never finished? At any rate, I rather love him now just as he is, a mix of elegant and awkward, forever holding this funny posture, which keeps making me think of him as an ever-ready baseball catcher, complete with front-brimmed cap! The head was clearly molded but the rest appears to have been hand-cut and welded together, all with a beautiful patina at this point. He doesn't stand quite on his own but sits straight upright very well if just lightly leaned against something. Or find him a new carriage to sit on!

7 1/4" tall x 6 3/4" wide x 1 1/8" deep. On his back side, the seam along one hip has separated a bit in one place; this does not make him unsturdy or unstable, it is just visible from the back. I don't think this detracts and otherwise he is in very good condition.