Antique Copper Ashtray / Printing Plate of Rev. Edmund Squire, Boston

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This is one of the most curious ashtrays I have encountered, with a very interesting history! Made of copper, at its center is the inscribed name--backwards--of "Rev. Edmund Squire." A bit of research informs me that Squire was the founder of the  Pilgrim Church in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood, who, on Nov. 2, 1862—the second year of the Civil War—convened 16 people at his Dorchester home to unite themselves into what they called an “unsectarian Church of Jesus Christ”, a church which continues to operate today.

My guess is that the bottom of the ashtray was once the printing plate used by Squire to produce business or calling cards, and that it was  later, perhaps by him, made into an ashtray. And what a terrific ashtray it is, with a cigarette rest on either side--but now would also make a great little tray for business cards!

4 7/8" long x 2 5/8" deep x 7/8" tall. There is residue from an old piece of tape on one side and some darkening to the copper, but very good overall condition with a warm great patina.