SOLD (for JULIA) - Antique Cigar Silk Quilt with 47 Different Cigar Ribbons

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I keep snatching these antique cigar ribbon quilts  when I find them, as I think they are just stunning. How wise and resourceful of it was for women not to let cigar silks/ribbons go to waste, especially brilliant gold ones like these. (Meanwhile, their fathers or husbands were cutting and carving up the cigar boxes to make tramp art frames and the like.) I love the range of silks incorporated into this one (47 different brands by my count) delivering a spectrum of color, from very pale yellow to deep orange, as well as an assortment of logos that read together like found poetry: Yukon Girl, Challenge, Whizzer, Recruit, Senator, The American Royals, etc., with BLACKSTONE across the center diagonal. Carefuly stitched together with tiny white xx's, which add another decorative element, and backed with thin muslin. Super radiant and graphically stong, this would be great framed or just hung directly on the wall.

Just very slightly off square: 21 5/8" x 21 7/8". C. 1900-10s I believe.  Great condition, very bright, saturated color, no stains at all that I can see. The perimeter edge was trimmed but not stitched down. Photos were taken in natural light; ribbons that show white in closer details are very pale yellow.