Antique Cerebos Table Salt Tin with Boy and Chick

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I just love the little boy in blue and white striped jumper pouring salt on a chicken on the front of the vintage Cerebos salt tin, circa 1920s. Established in 1894, Cerebos is an English brand of salt which continues to be sold in Europe, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. The brand's enduring slogan, "See how it runs" refers to the salt's fineness and anti-caking agents. The icon of the boy and chick derives from an old nursery rhyme saying "If you're close enough to put salt on the tail of a bird then you're close enough to catch it!" The reverse side features the brand logo banner, shafts of wheat against a light blue ground, and the text " Ideal for the table...and all domestic uses."  A pretty great tin, and quite a collector's item!

This tin, measuring 3 1/4" in diameter and 5 1/4" tall, shows some rust, as pictured, but very little on the side with the boy and chick. The interior shows very light rust. The lid fits snugly and there are no major dents at all.