Antique Carved Madonna in Red White and Blue

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I really love the sweetness and super folkiness of this carved and painted Madonna/Virgin of Guadeloupe, c. 1900 or so I believe and think either Mexican or New Mexican—and she’s quite patriotic feeling now in her red white and blue! Certainly she once lived inside a nicho (case), likely along with the rest of the holy family--but happily still stands atop her original pedestal—two red painted wood squares and a blue painted carved globe with snake curled around it, a traditional piece of iconography associated with Mary, symbolizing the crushing of the devil. It appears there was once something/s poking out of the holes at either side of the globe — the openings seem a bit small to hold the heads angels; maybe there was just a wing to either side? Whatever the case, no other losses at all, and just about as earnest feeling as they come!

6 1/2” tall on base x 4 1/16” w x 2 7/8” deep. She is attached to the globe by two carved wooden pins, one inserted into her base, the other stuck in the globe. Very good condition, all wood.