Antique Carved, Jointed Figure with Hand-drawn Face and Button Front

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One can just barely make out an old graphite drawn face of this very old friend, who might once have had hands and feet but I think maybe more likely was a large acrobat squeeze toy, with strings strung through the holes at the ends of his (extra long) arms and legs.  Now, he’ll sit up on his own, with arms situated either in front of, or behind him. Quite a sweet one I think with primitively carved head and torso, buttons drawn down his front, arms and legs attached by nails, and terrific warm dry wood patina.

9 1/2" tall with arms down x 2 3/8" wide. There is a split in the wood at the hip of one leg, which is still holding on fine and not especially precarious but I’d be a little gentle with him. Otherwise, all the better for his age, late 19th c or so I would think.