SOLD Antique Carved Folk Art Animals and Rider

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Love at first sight with this flock, purchased from a New England dealer at one of the New Hampshire shows earlier this month. While they bear some resemblance in manner to antique German Erzgebirge animals, I am pretty certain these are American, late 19th c. or so. Detail photos show how marvelous the figure is--with a very primitively painted (and I think super expressive) face, small mop of hair, and one carved arm, bent at the elbow, attached by nail at his shoulder. Crusty original paint on all of them, and a nailed on tail on the cow as well as carved udders. And a leather saddle for the back of the black horse made for the rider--he'll stay on it either way, but the saddle definitely makes her more settled in his seat. Quite a special feeling little group. 

Horse with saddle: 2 11/16" l x 2 3/8" t. Man: 2 3/8" t x 1 1/8" w. All in good condition, with the man having lost one arm. The saddle will stay on the horse and under the figure when he's on it, but does not fasten tightly.