Antique Carved Burl Wood Bird, Presumed Native American Woodlands, Ex. Axtell Collection

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A bit of a mystery, this bird, but such a beautiful thing, which came from the collection of "Smitty" Axtell, who was a great lover of carved treen objects. Carved of burl wood I believe, it feels to me Native American, bearing a strong resemblance to birds carved on effigy pipes and ladles, but I don't know for certain, and the reason for the holes carved down the back and up the belly is unknown, though it would seem likely it functioned as a tool of some sort. Whatever the case, it is definitely old, beautifully carved with a very nice surface--and, as demonstrated with the handle of a paintbrush I had lying around, is easily perched on a stand or stick or post.  A special feeling, much handled thing, which one really just wants to carry around, fitting perfectly in the palm of the hand with fingers wrapped around it.

5 1/8 long on the square x 1 7/16 wide. Good condition, surface is very smooth, a very nice thing to hold. A few spots of surface cracking to the wood as documented, and one hole on the back and one on the belly plugged with old bits of wood.