Antique Carved, Articulated Figure (Minus One Leg!)

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I'm not quite sure the origins of this figure, carved of pine and with limbs connected via wire loops rather than the sorts of carved and pinned joints one typically sees on jig dolls, though he does have a hole in his chest to accommodate a dowel. It seems possible the (heavy duty) steel wire was a later addition, replacing a less durable wire, which didn't keep his right leg holding on very well! And despite the cowboy-esque heel on the remaining leg, I'm guessing he's not American; to me his face has a bit of a Spanish Colonial feel... So, sort of a mystery, at least to me, but I think he's wonderful looking, and, with these wonderfully balletic limbs able to move in every direction, he's a great one to pose.

12 3/4" t x 2 7/8" w x 1 1/8" d. Beautiful dry wood patina, and other than his missing leg he's in great, super sturdy shape.