Antique Carved and Painted Primitive Wooden Doll in Pink Dress

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I wish I knew this history of this wonderful, and clearly very old, hand-carved wooden doll, which I've just fallen in love with. She reminds me of antique Santos figures, and with her worn but still sparkly gold belt over long pink patterned robe-like dress, my guess is that this is indeed what she is, though I am not entirely certain. I'm really touched by the humanity that emanates from her--it really feels like those rosy pink cheeks glow from a spirit within! It also seems like a bit of a miracle that she has survived more or less intact despite what has clearly been a long journey to me.

She is carved from one piece of wood, with her body basically a wooden post (visible on the back side). Her dress is stiff and dirty from age, but while torn and frayed near the bottom, especially on the back side, it seems pretty stable at this point. There is a small old nail on her backside at the waist that could be used to hang her, or she can stand if propped a bit against something.

She measures 5 1/2" tall x 2 1/4" wide x 1 1/2" deep.