Antique Carved and Painted (Polychrome) Praying Holy Woman

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I feel holier just looking at this carving, an abbess I want to call her, hands clasped in prayer, and who feels about as devout as they come, and supremely  in her devotion. I purchased her from am estate in Chelmsford, Mass, which included a large collection of antique santos carvings, feeling that she would make an exceptionally fine guardian spirit. I also love that she retains traces of true lapis lazuli paint in addition to a little gold still clinging to her cloak. 18th century would be my guess, though I am not an expert, but she is most definitely old.

8 3/4” t x 3 3/8” w x 2 5/16” d and in excellent antique condition, with paint loss where there should be and a beautiful warm patina to the wood, but no losses to the carving whatsoever, aided by the fact that she was carved from one block very solidly.