Antique But Wonderfully Modern Looking Cut Paper Dolls

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I'm completely taken with these, in part for the simplicity of the two figures, and the tiny face drawn on one of them, and for the great shapes and color combination of mustard yellow and gray on the folded and cut garments, which make them feel terrifically modern to me, and just gorgeous. As found, the set includes the two paper dolls; the folded, lined paper from which one was cut; and this mix of two dresses, one piece that looks rather like a jumpsuit, two other pieces (one yellow one gray) that may have been first attempts or I'm not sure what, and a couple of gray scraps. I might frame them up more or less as arranged in photos and just find them super satisfying to look at--though they could definitely get dressed up and played with first!

Undressed paper doll measures 3 3/4" t. Doll in yellow dress is 3 1/4" t. Cutout piece is 5 5/8" t. All in good very good condition with a tiny fold to the head of the yellow dress figure, now flattened out.