Antique Brittan Animal Cards - Set of Four

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This is a wonderful set of 4 lithograph cards, each featuring one animal with information about it on back. I believe these were produced in the 1880s, and represent the work of a few different artists, including Charles Edward Brittan (1837-1888), an English painter and illustrator known for animals and landscapes, and William Dickes (1815-1892), an English illustrator, engraver, printmaker and lithographer. This set of four includes the Brown Bear, Elk, Wolf and the Ounce, an early name for the Snow Leopard, which the back of the card notes had recently been determined by Dr. Gray (John Edward Gray, 1800–1875), a British zoologist) to be a species distinct from the African Leopard. The texts on the back drop lots of period references such as this, and the images, I think, are just terrific.

Very nicely executed, on heavy weight paper. Each measures 5 3/8" x 3 7/8". The backsides show stains to the paper in the corners but no tears and the fronts are in excellent condition.