Antique British School Math Notebook, c. 1830

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I have long been eyeing antique school notebooks, both relating to the study of math and writing/calligraphy, and finally found a lovely set of five of them from a seller in England, which I am listing individually. This is the only one of the lot that is not signed by its owner, but I believe it likely dates to the late 1820s-early 1830s as do the others.

This one is very much all about numbers--really purely a book of math problems and solutions. And really beautiful numbers they are, unfurling across and down the pages one after the next in complex multiplication and division problems that remind one how nice it is to now have a calculator! There are also many problems involving conversions and reductions of pounds into sixpence, shillings, groats and farthings, and word problems involving hogsheads of tobacco, miles of barleycorns, nails of Irish cloth, grains of gold and silver spoons! Lovely, and pretty fun.

106 pages, all but a couple filled. Good condition, with some cracking to the binding, pretty minor and still holding tight. Wear to the exterior covers particularly around the corners and top of the spine. 8" x 6 1/2" x 1/2".