Antique British Ink and Watercolor Diagram of Earth Strata, Laminated

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It is tragic that someone decided to laminate this gorgeous old diagram, as once done it is irreversible, but still I thought it such a striking and interesting thing that I want to shepherd it onto someone who might enjoy it as is. With just a little effort the hand-written text is all very readable, with details about the composition of each diagrammed strata at left and the location of where, in England, each was found at right. I love it formally as much as anything, with dots and dash and x's etc used along with color to distinguish each layer. Perhaps the perfect gift for a geologist or earth scientist of some sort--or one's favorite Anglophile!

15" t x 9 3/4" w.  In very stable condition as laminated. Visible on back through the lamination are several pieces of tape that had been added at some point in attempt to hold it together.