Antique Brass Repousse Over Glass Jar with Eagles Everywhere

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I think this is likely French and presume late 19th c. or so; not totally my usual thing but I thought--think--it quite striking and grand feeling, with the brass (I believe) repousse shining like gold. And tis certainly the season for eagles! One on the lid with wings raised, then two more along the sides, wings spread and lapping where they meet. Plus flowers in urns and furled leaves, too. Fine quality, beautiful patina, heavyweight glass, to which the brass is tightly adhered, with no losses. Perhaps the perfect jar for stashing the Xanax or eye drops for what is surely to be a challenging year ahead. 

3 1/16" d x 2 7/16" t.and in very good condition. One tiny rim chip to the glass, very very minor.