Special Antique Boxwood 24 Inch Carpenter's Rule with Engraved Copper Mend

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This is a real beauty of an early boxwood rule to begin with, but what makes it really special, and what won my heart, is the wrapped mend at the hinged end (done in copper I believe) that was engraved on both sides to precisely match the numbers on the wood. This tells me that this was a much used and much valued rule, and the great care taken with the repair certainly indicates that a long life for it was yet anticipated. There is no mark  anywhere that I can find; I think c. 1870s-80s and still in beautiful shape. On one side are what look to be an 8 square scale and a line scale.

24 inch rule. Folded it measures 12 3/8" x 1 9/16". Very good condition with a great warm patina.