Antique Lacemaking Spools with Cards and Bobbins

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I've been looking at a fair bit of bobbin lace, so was excited to find this lot at Brimfield, which includes two large lacemaking spools, six punched lace patterns (plus two on the spools) and a whole bunch of wooden bobbins. From what I have learned, the spools would be used in conjunction with a lacemaking "pillow" (essentially a pillow with a simple armature for holding the ends of the spool) which could be placed on the table or on the lap, and upon which the spool would rest and be turned as one progressed in the making of a piece of lace. The black headed pins clustered on one of the spools would be used to mark the pattern and to provide points around which the thread, attached to the bobbins, would be worked to make the lace, knot by knot. (I've included a photo in documentation to give a sense.)

I think the spools and patterns and bobbins just as they are beautiful, and one could certainly put them to use again if so inclined! I especially love the layering of cloth on the spools to create soft surfaces to hold the pins, with wrapped pink and white patterned cloth (I think maybe silk) under the woven cotton on one and a gray knitted wool on the other. Plus lots of hand-stitching securing the fabric in place. And on one of the lace patterns attached to a spool, an Anna L[?} wrote here name.

Spools: 9 5/8" l x 5 3/8" d and 10" x 3 5/8". Bobbins about 5" long. Sold as a lot.