Antique Checkerboard Relief Pattern Mocha Ware Small Cup / Mug

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I'd never seen a checkerboard patterned piece of mocha ware before, but thought that was what this was, and indeed, 'tis true--there were mugs, teacups and pitchers made in this pattern, though I have not found another in this blue and peachy yellow glaze combo, which I think is the best.  I just love the feel and the silhouettes of these small 19th c. mugs (I believe this was likely a child's cup) and think they'd be a great thing to build a collection of. 

Executed in low relief,  I've learned the checkerboard pattern was created using an engine-turning lathe, and that the lathe was used both before and after colors were added to the slipped clay to shave away colored slip left in the recessed areas. Mocha ware, produced primarily in England, largely for the American market, was utilitarian pottery made for everyday use in taverns and homes. 

3 5/8" t x 2 13/16" in diameter; 4 1/4" across at handle. There is a hairline crack running most of the way down one side, so probably best just for the shelf, though otherwise in good antique condition.