Antique Arts and Crafts Copper Pitcher or Watering Can

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I think the lines of this antique Arts & Crafts copper pitcher or watering can are just fantastic - boxy and honest, but super elegant and sophisticated at the same time. The patina on this piece, too, is just stunning. It feels as much a sculptural object as a utilitarian one, though it is that too! I myself might be inclined to use it as a vase rather than a watering can (or simply to put it on a shelf to display as an object) but the handle on the back certainly makes it functional for watering the plants! 

There are a couple of small marks on the lid that make me believe there was once another handle on the top. I have found one other Arts & Crafts copper watering can with a silhouette like this one's; it was made by the famous Hayle J &F Pool Copper Company in Cornwall. I do not believe they made this one, which has no ornamentation at all, but I have found no other like it. 

It measures 6 1/2" tall x 10 1/4" wide with spout (just the body measures 7 1/4" wide) and 3 1/2" deep with handle (just the body measures 2 1/2" deep. It is in good vintage condition; the top is just a bit bent on one corner and there is one tiny tear in the copper on the edge of the top where it folds over the body of the pitcher, but opens and closes no problem. On the interior there is some greening of the copper.  The pitcher is watertight.