Antique Architectural Ornament Mold: Crest and Flowers

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I see a lot of old wooden industrial molds but only occasionally do I across across ones like this, filled with a pitch/wood resin mold material, and used for casting ornaments for architecture, molding and picture frames. This is the largest of several I'm listing, with a crest form set at an angle along with three different flowers, which I really love altogether for the sort of strangeness of the composition. Photographs don't quite do justice (I've shot it a couple of different light situations to try to give a sense)--the mold itself has a really visceral presence, feeling like a cross between wax and tar, and the wood framing it is really beautiful. 

9 1/8" x 6 1/4" x 1 3/8". Early 20th century I believe and in very good coverall condition, with a crack in the mold material at one corner and the wood splitting in that spot on the side, where you can see the composition material spilling out, which I personally love! There is a hook on the back for hanging, though I personally might opt to hang it from a different orientation, in which case the hook is easily moved.