Another Wonderful Inuit Caribou Antler bird

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There’s a dealer in New Hampshire I visit who has been putting these Inuit carved antler birds out one at a time for me to find, and this is the last of them. I love how these are all about the natural curves of the antler bone, Caribou I believe, with minimal interventions to render them as birds. I find this one a great combination of elegant and awkward, with its long neck, inked eyes and hooked beak reminding me very much of a root-head decoy, another favorite thing! It’s also a feat of balance, managed perfectly, but best not to position in a windy spot!

9" wide measured on the square, 7 1/8" tall. 1" deep at base. I believe this likely is mid 20th century or so from the Northwest Territories/Nunavut, Canada.