Another Beautiful Old Black Folk Art Bottle Doll with Astrican Hair

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Another from the Rockport, MA estate of the artist, activist and collector Ellen Gabin, who had a special fondness for dolls--I found the sister of this one a couple of months ago, then returned to find this one. With wonderful hand-embroidered face including huge blue eyes and bright red smile showing a few teeth; to me she seems full of life and also gentleness. Black silk, I believe, with the upper body tightly stuffed and the lower half sewn over a weighted bottle, which allows her to stand up tall on her own. With several layers of lace around her collar and an organza apron that can be removed to show her white cotton skirt with eyelet lace trim underneath.

15" t x 6 1/2" w. Bottle (base) is 3 7/8" in diameter. Good condition. Her neck has just a bit of floppiness to it when moving her around, but when settled she holds her head high.