Andre Royer French Arts and Crafts Era "Coupe Moderne" Watercolor Rendering

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This watercolor shows some damage along the top edge, as detailed, but I found it too striking and beautifully done to leave behind (and a matte over top could frame this super stylish "coupe moderne" a bit more tightly, cutting in from the edge of the paper about the same distance above and below.)  What we know from Royer's beautifully hand-lettered annotation at lower left is that the metal on the cocktail glass rendered is silver, the ball jade, and the ring Macassar ebony (from Makassar, Indonesia I believe.) Perfectly set against this hand-painted wallpaper-y ground of smoky purples and golds and greens, it makes me at least feel quite ready for a cocktail, and seems the perfect thing to hang over or near the bar.

16 3/8" x 12 3/8" on substantial weight paper. Two rough areas at top (not full tears but surface damage), plus toning and a bit of spotting along bottom edge.